British Columbia has 28 Prostate Cancer Support Groups meet once a month. This group is focused on providing help to Chinese-speaking men, but everyone is welcome. We meet on the second Thursday of every month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Richmond Public Library (2/F Brighouse Main Branch, 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC V6Y 1R8). Please register online at for professional presentation. We speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Please come and talk to other men and family members who have been dealing with prostate cancer for weeks, months or even years. We accept donation online, please go to

此支援小組乃義工組織,我們講普通話、廣東話和英語,幫助您了解良性前列腺疾病與前列腺癌的病徵、預防、治療、康復與最新醫療硏究等資訊。我們每月一次(第二個星期四從下午7:00至9:00)在列治文公共圖書館二樓(市中心公眾泳池對面)舉辦免費聚會,邀請中英專業人仕主辦醫療與健康講座,交流經驗與分享感受。請到圖書館網站,並使用你的圖書館卡進行登記。如果沒有圖書卡請致電604-231-6413 (英語) 604-231-6462(中文)報名。

查詢活動更新請打電話 604-836-6423 (Daniel)。捐錢請到前列腺癌基金會

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Friday, February 10, 2017

前列腺癌和性生活調查 Prostate Cancer and Sex Life Survey

Ride To Live Raffle 2017

$10 Raffle tickets supporting prostate cancer on sale now!
Every ticket sold 
funds prostate cancer 
research, support and awareness in BC.
WESTCOAST Motorcyle Ride to Live| 604-574-5100 |
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Friday, February 3, 2017

一月到六月前列腺健康專題講座 January to June 2017 - Prostate Health meetings

We meet monthly on the second Thursday from 7pm to 8:30pm at Richmond Public Library,  (Brighouse Main Branch), 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond V6Y 1R8 This group is focusing on providing help to Chinese-speaking men but is open to everyone. We speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese, interpretation is provided upon request. Please come and talk to other men or families who had been dealing with prostate cancer for weeks, months or even years. Free of charge presentation by professional guest speakers.   
Register online at or Call 604-231-6413
Contact:     Daniel Leung   604-836-6423

全省唯一設有華語服務的前列腺癌支持小組,透過每月一次聚會,邀請中英專業人仕主辦醫療與健康講座(中文傳譯),歡迎只能說華語的病人及親友參加,了解前列腺癌的病徵、預防、治療、康復與最新醫療硏究等資訊。時間是每月第二個星期四下午七時至八時半。一小時專題講座,講座後有英語,粵語和國語分享。費用全免報名請到 或致電604-231-6462
由於列治文仍未有英文的前列腺癌支持小組 ,故亦歡迎只說英語的朋友參加。
中英文查詢:604-836-6423  梁瑞華 (Daniel Leung) 

January 12, 2017112
Andy Leung, 加拿大精神健康協會社區教練 (Bounce Back Community Coach, Canadian Mental Health Association)
Cantonese presentation - Bounce Back Program - Overcome depression & anxiety
粵語講解 - 重整旗鼓計劃克服情緒低落和抑鬱 

February 9, 201729
Dr. Richard Wassersug, Vancouver Prostate Centre
The Natural History & Psychological Reality of Prostate Cancer 
English presentation, Cantonese translation Couples are welcome to attend together
英語講解 粵語翻譯 -  前列腺癌的自然史和心理現實 特別邀請夫婦一起參加本講座

March 9, 201739
夏梦迪註冊營養師  (Ms. Mengdi Xia, MScA, Registered Dietitian)
Mandarin presentation - Diet myth related to cancer prevention and treatment
國語講解 - 飲食迷思與癌症的預防和治療 

April 13, 2017413
Mr. George Main & Mr. Leno Zecchel, PCCN Surrey
Incontinence and Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)  
English presentation, Cantonese translation 
英語講解 粵語翻譯 – 失禁和不舉(勃起功能障礙)

May 11, 2017511
余威廉博士研究生註冊護士 (Mr. Wellam Yu Ko, RN, MN, PhD (c), UBC Nursing School)
Cantonese presentation - Men’s Health Issues
粵語講解 - 男性健康問題 

June 8, 201768
傅爾放射腫瘤科醫生 (Dr. Milton Po, MD, BS Public Health, FRCPC, Radiation Oncology)
Mandarin presentation - Post-operative Radiotherapy
國語講解 - 前列腺癌手術後放射治療 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

UBC Recruiting Patients for Cancer Pain Research UBC疼痛研究招募癌症患者

Genetic 'fingerprint' identified for spread of prostate cancer 遺傳“指紋”鑑定前列腺癌的傳播

February: Genetic 'fingerprint' identified for spread of prostate cancer
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Genetic 'fingerprint' identified for spread of prostate cancer

Researchers funded through Prostate Cancer Canada have uncovered the full set of mutations that can occur in prostate cancer. The Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Network (CPC-GENE) has published  findings from the world's most comprehensive genetic analysis of prostate cancer tumours in the journal Nature. Led by Drs. Robert Bristow of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Paul Boutros of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, the CPC-GENE team was able to create a new signature that predicts at an early stage whether a prostate cancer tumour will become aggressive or not, allowing for personalized treatment.

Through funding of approximately $20 million, research of this magnitude has been made possible through a partnership between PCC, the Movember Foundation, and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.
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BRCA2 gene implicated in rare but lethal prostate cancer

Again thanks to the loyal support of PCC donors, Canadian scientists have discovered a link between an inherited mutation in the BRCA2 gene and a deadly form of prostate cancer. Funded by Prostate Cancer Canada and led by Dr. Robert Bristow of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, the findings were published in Nature Communications. Known more commonly for its role in breast and ovarian cancers, healthy BRCA2 genes protect against tumours by producing proteins that help repair damaged genes. Mutations in these genes, however, can result in gene damage that does not get repaired properly and leads to aggressive cancers.

Watch the Video

Expert Angle Webinars

February Webinars

Save the date for these upcoming webinars in February!

February 14th - Dr. Michael Cox: "Targeting ERG Translocations in Prostate Cancer"

February 28th - Dr. Timothy Walker: "Mindfulness and Prostate Cancer"

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Step Up Challenge

Calgary | Vancouver | Toronto

Canadian businesses will climb the tallest towers in Canada's biggest cities with the Step Up Challenge and help lead the fight against prostate cancer.

Calgary - February 12th
Vancouver - February 19th
Toronto - March 5th

Will your company STEP UP to the Challenge?
Climb 5,000 ft; Raise $5,000

Register in your city today!

Do It For Dads Walk Run

Are you ready for the 2017 Do It For Dads Walk Run? Show your support for the men in your life this Father’s Day at this Walk/Run. Our fun, family-friendly event is a wonderful tradition that raises awareness and funds for the most common cancer affecting Canadian men and the families that love them.

Join us on June 18th, 2017!

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